One of the questions my fans most ask about the Hollow Man Series is, "where did you get the nickname Doc?" Funny you should ask. Here's the story behind it.

In high school, I took a job as a clean-up guy in a busy mortuary owned by twin brothers. A few days into the first week, I was sweeping the basement where bodies were waiting for embalming prep. I swept the nearly immaculate floor hard like I was digging in a sandlot. The music in my head kept the broom and the beat moving in sync. 

A scratching noise finally broke through my reality. I glanced up in the dim light to see a body slowly sitting up on one of the metal gurneys. Strange sounds were coming from beneath the sheet, and that thing was between me and the door. My heart retreated behind my kidneys which were not at all any brave. I felt like Don Knotts in the Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

As I sprinted by, I used the handle of the broom as a jousting pole, knocking the body backward off the table. Some kind of moaning was right behind me, but I kept running; up the stairs, past the chapel, through the main office, and out the front door. I was two blocks away by the time one of the brothers caught me in his car. He had to cut off my path to get me to fully stop.

“Hey,” he yelled out the window. “That was just my brother Bob having a little fun with you.”

“Don’t care, I quit,” I said, trying to catch my breath.

“Well, I am sorry about that.” he paused. “All right then, come on by and pick up the money we owe you.”

“You can keep it.”

He sat a long time looking at me before speaking again.

“Can I have my broom back?” he finally asked.

I looked at the weapon in my hand and reluctantly handed it over. My friends gave me the moniker because of my great bedside manner with the sick and dying.  The nickname Doc stuck from then on. The entire school knew about the incident by the next day..

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One Of The Most Asked Questions About The Hollow Man?

​February 6, 2023     |     The Hollow Man Series, International Espionage

​​One Of The Most Asked Questions About The Hollow Man?

​Coming of Age     |     The Hollow Man Series, International Espionage