The Hollow Man Series


During the 1960s and early 70s Cold War tensions were  escalating. Confrontation threatened every innocence we knew. The 2 super powers watched and waited, preparing for nuclear holocaust. The world’s safety depended on this threat of mutual annihilation; it was the only thing keeping us safe. A grim logic soon emerged, nuclear disarmament was not achievable but nuclear war was unthinkable.


The Hollow Man


A terrorist's plot, the assassination of a prime minister, holds the key to an apocalyptic plan to destroy Europe's economy. It's impossible to stop, but one man doesn't know enough to think the world can't be saved. He's no hero; not clever or capable, talented or tested. The Hollow Man is just trying to survive in an uncertain climate where terrorism is changing the way we live.

Transport yourself to 1970s Europe, a time of political unrest and rising terrorism. Join Doc, an imperfect protagonist navigating undercover operations in a tumultuous world. Experience authentic historical backdrop, real-life drama, and thought-provoking themes of resilience and survival. Engage with gripping storytelling that resonates with both past and present, captivating readers with every turn of the page.

Read by Gary Spangler

Read by Gary Spangler

The Hollow Man Series
Surviving Prague

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AUDIOBOOK: The Hollow Man


In an exhilarating blend of adventure and international intrigue, U.S. field analyst Doc and his partner, Zita, an MI6 agent, are drawn into the harrowing world of espionage where terrorism casts its ugly shadow over innocence. Doc and Zita are the most original characters to appear in years. London Bridge is Falling Down heralds the arrival of a new breed of lightening-paced, intelligent thriller...surprising at every twist, absorbing at every turn, and in the end, utterly unpredictable...right up to the astonishing conclusion.

  • 1:53
London Bridge is Falling Down