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Paul Hollis is an American author of fictional terrorism and espionage. His bestselling trilogy, The Hollow Man Series, follows a U.S. government analyst and his partner in an odyssey of suspense across Europe.

Paul Hollis has always had wanderlust, living in twelve states and eventually working in all fifty, luring him with the idea of touring the world at someone else’s expense.  He has lived and worked in fifty-five countries across five continents while teaching companies about growing global implications.

Paul’s travel experiences inspire the novels in “The Hollow Man” series, bringing the streets and villages of Europe to life and offering a unique viewpoint to his mesmerizing thrillers.

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Interview with L.A. Wehner


by Paul Hollis

The Hollow Man
London Bridge is Falling Down
Surviving Prague

Book Genre:  Thriller / Espionage / Mystery / Crime

Published Formats:  Digital (epub, mobi, etc) and paperback

Eagle Spring Publishing