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A Writer’s Brand Champion

​About Writing     |     The Hollow Man Series, International Espionage

Let’s take a little stress off ourselves today. Oscar Wilde once said, “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” When it comes to our writing, all authors not only want to be talked about, but talked about favorably. How do we go about ensuring some encouraging attention? Look for people you already know; your very own brand champions.

A brand champion actively promotes and advocates for a writer. They are often loyal readers or influencers who are passionate about your works. Champions spread positive word-of-mouth support regarding your books, whether through social media posts, book reviews, or recommendations to friends and family. They help build and maintain loyalty and can be a valuable asset for writers looking to increase their reader base and improve the reputation of their books.

In simple terms, authors can say “look at what I can do”, all day, every day. I can win interstellar wars. I can seduce Casanova, and he’ll swear undying love for me within twenty minutes. I can survive nuclear futures and rebuild new worlds. I can take you backward or forward in time to any moment in history. I can solve every whodunit for you. Yes, I can ride a flaming bicycle through a creek of crocodiles while balancing on the seat with one foot. But until someone else says, “I actually saw the author do this”, most readers won’t care and certainly won’t believe it.

Here’s the thing that’s always fascinated me about these champions. It’s difficult to trust words and messages from an author, especially an “unknown” one; even when a reader is totally in love with the genre. It’s much easier to trust a friend, peer, family member, or sometimes even a stranger’s opinion about a book than it is to trust the word of the author who wrote it.

It’s important to identify your brand champions. Look for people who are actively reading your books or using your writing services and who are enjoying them. Find fans who are talking about your brand online, either on social media or in online forums. It’s easy to see when a reader had a great experience reading your books or using your writing services.

Engage with them as often as you can. Start conversations. Let them be the first to learn about upcoming books, services, and promotions. Give them opportunities to share their love of your books and services with others. This could include inviting them to events, giving them access to exclusive content, or as simple as asking them to write reviews. Brand champions can be a powerful force to boost your book sales. By making them feel as important and appreciated as they really are, you can create a strong community of supporters who will undoubtedly help you grow.